TreoBee is the ultimate location sharing platform.

It enables a group of users joined in a Beehive to see each other's location in real-time and exchange instant messages.

TreoBee uses the power of location sharing to help humans keep in touch with their family, closest friends, colleagues, whether the app is inactive or the internet connection is poor.

TreoBee uses intelligent algorithms for real-time communication that improves your battery life and optimizes the web traffic. This behavior remains even if the app is working in background mode.



How does it work?

In order to organize your bee colony you need a beekeeper account:

  • Click here to login or register. You can use your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account without any doubt that it will be misused somehow.
  • Fill in the form and submit it.
  • Reply on the activation email and sign in.

As a beekeeper you can: create a beehive, assign bee to the beehive, send messages, observe the movement of the bees in real time, get notified if a bee leaves or joins the beehive, keep a record of the movement behaviour (routes, timing, mileage) of your bees.

Sign-up for free

Organize your bee colony

Create a Beehive

  • Open the Beehives menu and click on the [+]
  • Enter a Beehive name and click on [Create beehive]
  • Your Beehive will be listed now in the Beehives list.

Invite bees or share the beehive

  • From the Beehive list click the share button
  • You will find the unique Beehive identifier. Please use this number carfully!
  • Distribute the Beehive ID

Join the Beehive

  • Install the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Start the app and enter the BeehiveID you got from your Beekeeper
  • Press the [Join to hive] button

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